I love Cebu, despite of imperfections.

Dear Cebu:

You had been branded as the Queen City of the South. One of the most progressive city in the Philippines where cultural beauty of heritage lies as it well preserved. Showered with too much blessings and protection from above against major calamities and destruction brought by nature. This simply made me say – I LOVE YOU.

My parents both came from Mindanao, but all of my siblings was born here. As I grow up I don’t have any regrets of staying here for good. I spent my primary and secondary level in one of restricted place somewhere in Lapu-lapu City, where speed has to be limited and even the numbers of vehicles are limited to entry, ambiance was good, natures seems to be fine and pollution can’t never be felt. But later on college, life started to change for me. I had to deal with traffic , re-routing almost every now and then without prior notices, pollution and a very unsafe ride…. that’s everyday!. I don’t understand why government loves to repair roads and bridges on school days. I do agree with budget issue, but it seems that time frame on schedule feasibility is not even cared of. We had enough sense to believe that all of this comes with a plan – yet in the most cases plans is not even followed. So Who’s going to suffer? passengers! – and most especially jeepney drivers because aside from its taking much of their turn around time – its a waste of fuel. Yes, there was a rollback but price hike is better with consistency and when we talk about safety and security, as of the moment – nothing is for free. I think Cebu City government should have made a thorough response to rampant snatching and robbery and not just on jaywalking. People are paying taxes, in return to their safety by the exercise of police power of the government. Now ratio has never been fair nor equal, and that freedom has never exist!…..Right to live should be exercised.