Saint Pedro Calungsod our inspiration

Saint Pedro calungsod

Dear Cebu,

Despite our imperfections, we still have a BIG CHANCE to become saints in our modern times. Though the world is technologically advanced, we Filipinos still cling on to our faith in God. Whilst humanly speaking, Pedro Calungsod may have his imperfections in his short, youthful, and virtually unknown life, he still inspires us to follow the precepts that the Lord has left for us as an inheritance.

Sadly some of us do not understand that true faith in God. Some bear this thought that “Di na ta kinahanglan mosimba , direct to God na!” We may have that faith in God but the Church has given us means to live out the faith by following the commandments, especially that on remembering the Lord’s Day with solemnity.

And these are the same precepts that Pedro, a fellow Bisaya, followed. He chose God’s will as his own and left everything behind, even to the point of dying for the faith. He is a model for Cebuanos, and particularly all Filipinos alike; he serves as our inspiration and guide in following the virtues of faith, hope, charity, generosity, courage, consistency, trustworthiness, piety, and, union with the Lord. It is a source of pride and joy for us his katagilungsod.

I hope and pray that Pedro will help us and intercede for us that we may be faithful and united.

Yours Truly,

Ralph Saberon