What is Dear Cebu?

DEAR CEBU is a blog created to show the real face of the Queen City of the South. It highlights the best things that this city has to offer. It is also brave enough to accept the fact that Cebu, though great and very promising, is just like any other city. It has its flaws.
DEAR CEBU is not created to point out the weaknesses of Cebu. Rather, it is created to fuel the desire of the Cebuanos to live in a more peaceful, much cleaner, and more well-rounded community.
DEAR CEBU aims to encourage Cebuanos all over the world to take part in this great quest. It hopes to expose Cebuanos to the reality so that things can actually be done. It hopes to create a new breed of Cebuanos who are not only passionate about Cebu but are also more socially aware, more proactive, and more involved.